Ballet For Beginners

Interested in starting up ballet? From my term following the ballet culture, I have learned that there is no such thing as being too young or too old for this beautiful art form.

However, it’s important to have the important essentials before you begin your first class. Beyond that, it is recommended to ask your dance instructor for the specifics necessary for your particular studio.

Five essentials for ballet beginners

Before you get started, here are some recommended blogs to read to prepare yourself for your first day:

1. Adult Beginner. This blog is a great resource for, well, adult beginners. You can find a lot of blogger-reader interaction that includes many “first class stories” that will help ease your anxiety about your first day.

2. The Legal Ballerina. Her tagline reads, “The unique experience of learning ballet in my 30s.” This is a very real blog that exemplifies a woman’s experience of the pain, trials and adventures of exploring ballet later in her life.

3. Adult Beginner Ballet. This blog features a woman who has attempted beginners ballet for over two years – testing out different studios until she finally found the right one.

4. Beginner Ballerina. Are you a parent of an angsty teen wanting to try ballet? Here’s a perspective of a teenager’s journey.


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