Puppy Cam

Puppy Cam’s are one of the newest internet crazes. Breeders, shelters, and pet stores have taken to placing cameras in the pens with the puppies that connect directly to the internet. These cameras show live feeds of the puppies during the day in order to try and get more attention to their puppies.

Schnauzer Puppy Cam:

Husky Puppy Cam:

English Bulldog Puppy Cam:

Broder Collie Puppy Cam:

PetSmart in Eugene hosts adoptions through various charities at points in the year. Andrea Ashburn, a trainer at the Eugene area PetSmart, said that PetSmart does not employ the use of puppy cams because of the corporate structure. But she believes that “Puppy Cam’s are a good tool for shelters to use because those are the dogs that really need to have a home and any way to get them a home should be used as much as possible.”

Jaclyn Rudebeck, the director of operations at Greenhill Humane Society believes that the shelter would be benefitted by the use of puppy cams. “It’s been talked about in recent meetings but we haven’t come to a decision yet. I think that it would help get attention to Greenhill at the very least and it might help adoption rates. Hopefully we can get some puppy cams soon so that some of these dogs can get good homes.”

So, if you are looking to adopt a dog and aren’t sure what breed of dog to choose or can’t decide which dog to take home you can watch them all day on puppy cams to see which one is most likely to fit your individual lifestyle.


A Holiday with the Guide Dog Puppies


After their last holiday celebration, the Halloween Party at Avamere Rehab, I expected the Puppy Club to host an entertaining evening for the puppies. Instead, it was a visit to the Valley River Center mall…on Puppy Pics with Santa night! Unfortunately, the puppies were not allowed to participate, but did bring a lot of holiday spirit and joy to the shoppers admiring the puppies practicing their guiding skills. Photos capture the experience of taking laps around the mall with the puppies, who were very well-behaved and proved that dogs really could shop themselves. It made me think twice about if I needed a guide dog to do my shopping for me!


Puppies on Pinterest


Guide dog puppies in training are a hot commodity right now on the internet…mostly because they are so darn cute! Technology has helped people become more educated about the program that has been installed in various states and even expanded into other countries worldwide. Different states have specific programs for guide dog training, so it is exciting to see how these aspects differ from those in your local area. Eugene, Or hosts the Guide Dogs for Lane County Puppies in Training and they meet weekly to train the puppies and help them become more familiar with social environments. The program encourages trainers to help socialize the dogs and bring them out in the community. Pinterest is the perfect way to see these puppies in action, and take a look at the cutest photographs of these sweet, well-behaved puppies! And don’t forget to read the amazing stories about heroic guide dogs who have done incredible deeds for their blind partners, including a guide dog for a blind dog!


….and that’s a wrap

Here is the finished burrito bracket:


Dropbox’s web viewer is a little funky, but the interactivity functions correctly when downloaded. What Dropbox’s web viewer does highlight well however, is how InDesign is clearly not intended to create large-scale interactive PDFs. As the first time I’ve ever really used InDesign, this was a frustrating challenge to discover. The way hyperlinks work inside InDesign, no matter the shape you’re trying to define, it will end up recognizing it as a rectangle. No matter what.

This is problematic when you have a radial bracket, where there are very few “neat” rectangles, and as such, many of the hyperlinks overlap at various points, despite my best efforts to retain them within their respective colors. If a particular hyperlink appears to be broken, try clicking around the edge of the bracket of where you’re trying to view and it should work flawlessly.

Other than the problems with hyperlinks, I actually didn’t have too much trouble with the design/construction of the bracket, and it really confirmed for me that radial brackets are far superior than the standard bracket we’re all used to. They provide the same information, if not much more, in a much neater, condensed design, saving you valuable screen space & help keep the aesthetics of your design as neat as possible.

if you’ve read down to this space and still haven’t checked out the bracket I guess I’ll just tell you now: Taqueria Mi Tierra beat out El Super Burrito by a hair [both perfect 15’s, then atmosphere/service 5 to 4] for the best burrito spot in Eugene.

You should try them both and decide for yourselves though, as by no means is this a definitive guide, merely a handy reference tool for your own burrito adventures.

Happy grubbing!


The Scoop on Winter Running Gear

winter running gear

winter elements

General tips for winter running:

There are a lot of great sources out there that are worth checking out if you’re looking for my extensive information on the best winter running gear. Some of my favorites are Runner’s World, Active.com, and Fitness Magazine. A lot of the top running brands tend to be a bit pricey. My suggestion is that you find the gear you like and look for it on sites like amazon.com, which might offer it for a more reasonable price. Happy hunting!

A Tale of Two Pizza Tumblrs









In search of inspiring pizza blogs, I stumbled upon, or rather tumbled upon, two Tumblr sites that do a pretty decent job of relaying their pizza expertise. Though the aforementioned blogs have a plethora of information, as well as interesting visual, I must say that I had to sift through a cesspool of “pizza” blogs on Tumblr, many of which mention little to nothing about the tasty pie. Although there were many blogs that included pictures of One Direction and Hunger Games GIFs, I was most impressed by Scott’s Pizza Journal and F**k Yeah Vegan Pizza, both of which brought interesting pizza knowledge to the table and differing areas of expertise.


Scott’s Pizza Journal, titled Scott’s Pizza Tours, takes the tumbler on the adventures of blogger, author and entrepreneur Scott Wiener. In 2008, Wiener took his passion for pizza and created a business offering pizza tours in New York. The tours became one of the top customer-ranked businesses of the kind, and several years later Wiener expanded his tours to include guided culinary adventures in new cities.  While visiting pizzerias, he was also able to publish Viva la Pizza! The Art of the Pizza Box based on his pizza box collection he had accumulated over time. Wiener’s blog includes maps that pinpoint his excursions (outside New York, also), photos (including tourists, food, and the restaurants), product reviews of pizza ingredients for the home cook, news/reviews about Wiener and his book, as well as some entertaining GIFs and videos. The blog is lively, colorful, and informative. I especially appreciated the product reviews, because it shows that he really cares about food and bloggers’ home cooking experience– not just about promoting his business. Wiener also takes time to write long blog posts, which often include a lot of history and observation about the various restaurants he’s writing about. This Tumblr site is a definite win for pizza and food nerds, like myself.



F**K Yeah Vegan Pizza is a blog by spark-plug Kelly Garbato, a self-proclaimed vegan, feminist, and animal enthusiast (according to her Twitter page). Garbato often posts delicious looking vegan pizzas followed by an amusing, corresponding meme or GIF.


 The blog provides recipes, food and personal photos, and an abundance of vegan knowledge, including many useful ingredient tips for building a vegan pizza. Her blog is informative, lively (due to the GIFs), and funny because of the many pop culture and comedic memes/GIFs. For someone who has only tried vegan pizza a handful of times, I must admit that Garbato’s blog makes them look not only appetizing but also approachable to make. This Tumblr site is not only great for vegans, but also for the average pizza lover looking to try something new.


Both Tumbler blogs were extraordinarily informational, interesting, esthetically pleasingly put together, and entertaining. Tumblr might not be the best forum for finding a bunch of high quality, thoughtful blogs, but it is definitely possible to find some diamonds in the rough. 



(Side note: I have no idea why there is so much room at the top of my post, I tried forever to fix this but couldn’t resolve it.)