The Art of Coffee

Some drink coffee to wake up, some drink it to relax, some drink it as dessert and some drink coffee just to pass time. However, for many baristas out there, coffee is a form of art, a way of expressing their creativity. Click on the links below to view gifs of coffee foam art from Perk Coffee and Espresso in Eugene, Oregon. Enjoy!

1. Coffee Art #1

2. Coffee Art #2

For more amazing pictures of coffee foam art, check out Perk Coffee and Espresso’s Facebook page.


Audio Clip of Coffee Shop

Do you have trouble relaxing? Do you struggle to fall asleep? Don’t waste your time with those overrated noise machines that play sounds of the ocean or a rainforest. Set this wonderful audio clip I made of soothing sounds on repeat and let the relaxation begin.

Click HERE for audio clip.

What do you mean this isn’t relaxing? Maybe I’m the only one who can sleep peacefully in a coffee shop.

Metal, Screeching and Coffee?

By Nicole Daniel

This project, like most assignments this term, did not start out smoothly. I had originally planned on interviewing the owner of Perugino for the video project. However, after calling and leaving a message with the manager, I never heard back. I even went to the coffee shop and wrote a message for the owner, which the employee promised she would give to him. After another day of no reply, I called Global Delights and set up an interview. Continue reading

Pinning About Coffee

Check out my Eugene Coffee Pinterest board for hilarious coffee related quotes, cartoon drawings, pictures of coffee shops in Eugene and several of my own personal photos of my coffee journey. This board is a compilation of everything and anything related to coffee. I hope you walk away craving coffee just as much as I am. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 9.32.48 PM

Eugene Coffee Pinterest Board