The Art of Coffee

Some drink coffee to wake up, some drink it to relax, some drink it as dessert and some drink coffee just to pass time. However, for many baristas out there, coffee is a form of art, a way of expressing their creativity. Click on the links below to view gifs of coffee foam art from Perk Coffee and Espresso in Eugene, Oregon. Enjoy!

1. Coffee Art #1

2. Coffee Art #2

For more amazing pictures of coffee foam art, check out Perk Coffee and Espresso’s Facebook page.


A Holiday with the Guide Dog Puppies


After their last holiday celebration, the Halloween Party at Avamere Rehab, I expected the Puppy Club to host an entertaining evening for the puppies. Instead, it was a visit to the Valley River Center mall…on Puppy Pics with Santa night! Unfortunately, the puppies were not allowed to participate, but did bring a lot of holiday spirit and joy to the shoppers admiring the puppies practicing their guiding skills. Photos capture the experience of taking laps around the mall with the puppies, who were very well-behaved and proved that dogs really could shop themselves. It made me think twice about if I needed a guide dog to do my shopping for me!

Puppies on Pinterest


Guide dog puppies in training are a hot commodity right now on the internet…mostly because they are so darn cute! Technology has helped people become more educated about the program that has been installed in various states and even expanded into other countries worldwide. Different states have specific programs for guide dog training, so it is exciting to see how these aspects differ from those in your local area. Eugene, Or hosts the Guide Dogs for Lane County Puppies in Training and they meet weekly to train the puppies and help them become more familiar with social environments. The program encourages trainers to help socialize the dogs and bring them out in the community. Pinterest is the perfect way to see these puppies in action, and take a look at the cutest photographs of these sweet, well-behaved puppies! And don’t forget to read the amazing stories about heroic guide dogs who have done incredible deeds for their blind partners, including a guide dog for a blind dog!

….and that’s a wrap

Here is the finished burrito bracket:

Dropbox’s web viewer is a little funky, but the interactivity functions correctly when downloaded. What Dropbox’s web viewer does highlight well however, is how InDesign is clearly not intended to create large-scale interactive PDFs. As the first time I’ve ever really used InDesign, this was a frustrating challenge to discover. The way hyperlinks work inside InDesign, no matter the shape you’re trying to define, it will end up recognizing it as a rectangle. No matter what.

This is problematic when you have a radial bracket, where there are very few “neat” rectangles, and as such, many of the hyperlinks overlap at various points, despite my best efforts to retain them within their respective colors. If a particular hyperlink appears to be broken, try clicking around the edge of the bracket of where you’re trying to view and it should work flawlessly.

Other than the problems with hyperlinks, I actually didn’t have too much trouble with the design/construction of the bracket, and it really confirmed for me that radial brackets are far superior than the standard bracket we’re all used to. They provide the same information, if not much more, in a much neater, condensed design, saving you valuable screen space & help keep the aesthetics of your design as neat as possible.

if you’ve read down to this space and still haven’t checked out the bracket I guess I’ll just tell you now: Taqueria Mi Tierra beat out El Super Burrito by a hair [both perfect 15’s, then atmosphere/service 5 to 4] for the best burrito spot in Eugene.

You should try them both and decide for yourselves though, as by no means is this a definitive guide, merely a handy reference tool for your own burrito adventures.

Happy grubbing!


a delicious wrap-up

As week 8 draws to a close, the end of the search is in sight. The competition for Eugene’s best burrito has been fierce, but also delicious. I was planning on doing more with the bracket (, like score breakdowns and pictures and a short review, but the website does not really allow for the interactivity I have in mind. It also does not help that I seem to have forgotten the password. Don’t do that.

However, the bracket must go on, and it shall. For week 9 I plan on making an interactive PDF with the completed bracket and information, which will be an interesting experience because it will essentially be a crash course on InDesign, a program which I am not too familiar with. I’m sure it will be fine. Good practice right? And if it gets too hectic, well, I know a good burrito spot to help me relax. And soon you will too!

For this week’s multimedia project however, I compiled most of the tweets I have made on this topic into a Storify, which will help serve as the basis for the interactive PDF. And so, without further ado: