Eat well, live well.



So I made a scroll kit. And it’s pretty awesome. I feel like it could have a few more pictures, but I just wanted to mostly get my opinion across, rather than grossing people out with pictures of tortured little animals. I really hope to add more to this in the future because it was fun to make and I really liked the setup and design of the site. Here it is! Have a good break! (:


Diesel Food Audio Slideshow Recap

I absolutely loved working on the Diesel Food audio slideshow. Not only did I get to meet some really cool people, I got to share my vegetarianism with them which is something that I find to be pretty rare these days. The whole process was pretty ideal and quite simple. I reached out to the writers of a blog that I follow, tweeted that I would love to interview them, and they got back to me immediately! They were so passionate about cooking and taking boring everyday recipes and making them vegan, and I really loved how dedicated they were/are.

When working on the audio, I actually had a great location and it wasn’t hard to capture what he was saying at all. He did hit his hands the table a few times, but for the most part it went pretty well. As for background noise, I just recorded some of the sizzling of the frying pan in the background and then when he chopped up some onions. For the pictures, I couldn’t have had a better focus; food! The lighting in their kitchen was absolutely perfect and all of the vegetables looked absolutely delicious.

As a whole, everything went so well and I couldn’t have asked for a better pair to interview. Loved this project.

Sweet Potato Tacos!

ImageJust a little preview of the sweet potato tacos that Diesel Food made for me over the¬†weekend! In my opinion this is one of the best ways to eat sweet potatoes. Seasoned with cumin, topped off with cilantro, onions, lettuce and tomato… Everything was farmers market fresh and absolutely delicious. I have about 150 pictures and an interview about Diesel Food’s hopes and dreams, and why they went vegan. The audio slideshow will be posted soon with an array of pictures sure to make your mouth water!

An outing to the vegan mini mall! A few of my favorite places.

So this weekend, I went on an outing to the vegan mini mall in SE Portland! I go quite a bit when I’m home visiting family or in the summers, but it’s definitely been a while. Food Fight is my favorite because you rarely see grocery stores that only supply vegetarian and vegan food and products. Herbivore is pretty amazing as well because of their massive supply of clothing that doesn’t use any animal products whatsoever! And finally, Sweetpea bakery. Quite frankly, there’s nothing better than sweets that don’t harm the environment! Located on 12th and Stark in Southeast Portland, your veggie needs are all in one place!

Also this weekend, while reading through one of my usual blogs that I follow, I decided to follow them on twitter (which I wasn’t, for some unknown reason) and ask them about doing a possible interview for the project. They tweeted back in a matter of minutes with an ecstatic “We’d love to!” so it’s settled, this coming weekend, the creators of Diesel Food are going to let me film them cooking a new creation, which I believe will be sweet potato tacos! Not only will I get to meet some new people with similar eating habits and environmental values, but I’ll get to eat a delicious homemade vegan creation! What could possibly be better than that?

Where the Food Is: Illustrated


By Hannah Doyle

If you’re familiar with the show Portlandia–and let’s be honest, who isn’t–there is clip where a couple at a restaurant wants to know the diet, whereabouts, and family history of the chicken.

Well, I haven’t gone that far but I have created an infographic of Party Downtown‘s main wholesalers and where the frequently used ingredients come from.

If you find a little bit of yourself in the Portlandia couple, then Party Downtown may be worth your while. Their food cart won the number one spot for most locally-sourced restaurant in Eugene, with 95% of their ingredients locally-sourced.

So go ahead, check out the map and plan your visit to Party Downtown–but be warned, you are in Eugene, and you should not put a bird on it.