The Art of Coffee

Some drink coffee to wake up, some drink it to relax, some drink it as dessert and some drink coffee just to pass time. However, for many baristas out there, coffee is a form of art, a way of expressing their creativity. Click on the links below to view gifs of coffee foam art from Perk Coffee and Espresso in Eugene, Oregon. Enjoy!

1. Coffee Art #1

2. Coffee Art #2

For more amazing pictures of coffee foam art, check out Perk Coffee and Espresso’s Facebook page.


Eat well, live well.



So I made a scroll kit. And it’s pretty awesome. I feel like it could have a few more pictures, but I just wanted to mostly get my opinion across, rather than grossing people out with pictures of tortured little animals. I really hope to add more to this in the future because it was fun to make and I really liked the setup and design of the site. Here it is! Have a good break! (:

Did you know?

Ballet dancers undoubtedly walk with grace even when they are out of the studio. Every step, every movement seems impossibly graceful, yet natural for them.

The Black Swan brought attention to this art form in 2010 when Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis blew us all away with (in my opinion) a fantastic film highlighting the ups and downs of the competitive ballet world. It also brought attention to the fact that many actresses were also once dancers – their graceful movements taught in the dance studio translating to the graceful movements in front of the camera. These two actresses were able to fill their roles so well because they too had ballet backgrounds.

Continue reading to see other actresses who also have ballet backgrounds – did you know? Does it surprise you?

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Ever heard of Storify? I hadn’t until this term. I decided to give it a trial run for this week’s explorations in the ballet world and decided that I like it, a lot. I see it as an online bulletin board displaying my social media research on whatever topic I desire.

This week, I wanted to see what ballet dancers have to say about, well, being ballet dancers. Continue reading

Pinterest Page!


Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 1.01.05 AMHere it is!

I’ve decided to create a “Vegetarian ThingsPinterest page. I’m always finding so many recipes, products, brands that I want to try, but it’s hard to remember what they are/where to find them. Therefore, I have created this board to organize my thoughts. It’s still a little empty, but I don’t want to fill it with just anyhing. So I’m taking my time and finding my favorites!

The recipes are an obvious choice of pin, but vegetarian products are a thing that I’ve recently gotten into. The fact that they aren’t tested on animals makes them even better!

The caption of the board is one of my favorite quotes. “Now I can look at you in peace; i don’t eat you any more.” -Franz Kafka. I love this quote, not necessarily Kafka himself as he was a womanizer and kind of an ass, but he was a brilliant writer. Off topic, the point, is that to me, this quote is beautiful in some way and I thought it would be perfect for the board.

Like I said, it isn’t by any means a board filled with a million pins, but I feel that it’s a process, and meaningful pins will come in time. But as this process continues, go check it out, because I think that it’s pretty darn cool. (: