Eat well, live well.



So I made a scroll kit. And it’s pretty awesome. I feel like it could have a few more pictures, but I just wanted to mostly get my opinion across, rather than grossing people out with pictures of tortured little animals. I really hope to add more to this in the future because it was fun to make and I really liked the setup and design of the site. Here it is! Have a good break! (:


Humane Societies in Oregon

My week 8 project was to create an interactive map of all of the humane societies in Oregon. It took a long time to find all of them, find out what kind of pets they shelter, and other information such as their mission statement and if they have a thrift shop associated with them. Google only showed some of the smaller shelters if I was zoomed in all the way, so it took some hunting to find all of them. This project took even longer because I ended up looking at all of the poor, helpless animals that need homes at each shelter.

I found that there are far more pets in need than I ever thought. I’ve had statistics thrown at me all term while working on these projects of how many animals are helped, but those are just numbers until you actually see the faces of all the animals who are in shelters.

Each of my markers has the website attached so take a look at all the animals and start helping them!

This should lead you to my map… enjoy!

Feature: Canteen Vegan Cafe

ImageA dedicated vegan for 13 years, Brian decided to channel his passion for animal rights into place where locals can stop in for their daily lunch break and enjoy a healthy, 100%%vegan meal. After running two food carts in Portland called Sip, serving as vegan juice-bars with other treats such as oatmeal and vegan milkshakes, Brian decided that he wanted to expand. Canteen started in June of 2011 after he noticed that Mojo, a coffee shop around the corner from his house was closing down. “I had always really loved the shape of the building as well as the location. I always told myself ‘I’m going to open up something there someday,’” and when the opportunity came, he didn’t hesitate to make his dream a reality.

IMG_0359  IMG_0362


The name Canteen comes from the European idea of a lunch break in a cafeteria as being a place for workers to come every day and eat a solid healthy meal. The café serves a variety of things, such as coffee, raw locally made chocolates, cheesecake, organic bowls, salads, and coming in 2015, local beer and wine (everything vegan of course).  One of Canteen’s signature bowls is called the Portland Bowl.

It includes:

  • Quinoa
  • Black beans
  • Green kale
  • Hazlenuts
  • Maple-baked tempe
  • Carrots
  • Northwest sauce (a garlic-lemon-cheesy type of sauce) kind of like the Yumm sauce from Café Yumm.

This local café serves as a place where vegans can come enjoy a healthy meal without having to worry about being in the presence of meat. “The vegetarian/vegan culture in Portland has evolved so much. You’re hard pressed to find a restaurant in town that doesn’t have at least one vegetarian option”.

This little café is absolutely delicious and if you’re looking for a mellow place to stop and have a quick meal, Canteen is the best choice.  Stop by, eat well, and support this animal-friendly local business.

Finally, a response!

Okay, so as everyone knows, I’ve had an extremely hard time getting any kind of vegetarian store/business/restaurant in Portland to respond to my emails about shooting a quick video. BUT, the lovely owner of Canteen in Portland finally got back to me! We are in the process of setting up an interview, so the video will be coming soon!

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 6.52.29 PMIn the mean time, I made a super cool storify! From restaurants to personal opinions, I found a great collection of vegetarian tweets and Instagram photos from the Portland area. I’ll continue to add to it weekly and maybe add a few of my own tweets in there as well. Click here to see!


Sweet Pea Baking Co.

During high school, I discovered a cute little bakery called Sweet Pea Baking Co. in a little vegan mini-mall in Southeast Portland. Not only do they use mostly organic, local ingredients and compost 80% of their waste while also using compostable packaging for to-go orders, but everything is 100% vegan and absolutely delicious. Although they haven’t yet gotten back to me about shooting video yet, I’m confident that they will be happy to talk to me about their bakery.

From delivering wholesale to catering weddings, teaching/hosting cooking classes and making everything in-house, this bakery has it all. This bakery doesn’t only have sweets, however, it also serves soups, sandwiches, biscuits and (vegan) gravy, quiche and potatoes! 

For my video, I plan on interviewing the owner, inside of the store, because it’s very well designed and I feel that it will be very aesthetically pleasing. I’ll also get shots of delicious baked goods being taken out of the oven. 

On to filming!

Twitter spreading the puppy love

Researching about different dog rescues across the country as compared to those in Eugene, Oregon has been easy – all thanks to Twitter. My handle isn’t anything special, just a childhood nickname, but I’ve used it to my advantage to get in contact with other dog rescues and dog adoption organizations across the country. And many of them are doing things that Oregon locals might not even know they could get involved in!


How could you resist those puppy dog eyes? Every born, bred, or abandoned dog needs and deserves a home. Thanks to Twitter accounts getting the word out, many companies can find volunteers to help them raise money or simply just walk or play with the dogs. Anything helps!

Sweet Potato Tacos!

ImageJust a little preview of the sweet potato tacos that Diesel Food made for me over the weekend! In my opinion this is one of the best ways to eat sweet potatoes. Seasoned with cumin, topped off with cilantro, onions, lettuce and tomato… Everything was farmers market fresh and absolutely delicious. I have about 150 pictures and an interview about Diesel Food’s hopes and dreams, and why they went vegan. The audio slideshow will be posted soon with an array of pictures sure to make your mouth water!